Data and Production

Each company that produces can benefit from production and quality control systems which allow complete traceability of production and quality controls and, with the data thus collected, provide timely information on trends and corrections to be made to optimize processes and therefore save time and money.

Hive Technology has developed a series of applications aimed at satisfying many of the production needs of a forward-looking company.

HT DataManager (O19025)

O19025 HT DataManager is a complete software, capable of controlling, supervising and managing production, both remotely and locally, thus allowing better control over your company.

HT Data Level0 (O17036)

O17036 HT Data Level0 is the simplest software of the HT Data line, it allows you to connect to one or more measuring instruments via serial and transfer the process value to video and / or to file.

HT DataPrinter (O17011)

O17011 HT DataPrinter is a software capable of keeping track of the processes and relevant data that characterize the productions. Born for textile companies, but used in the most varied fields.

HT DataScanner (O17045)

O17045 HT DataScanner allows effective control of production progress by eliminating operator errors thanks to the use of barcodes.

HT DataFinder (O17014)

O17014 HT DataFinder is a tool capable of performing research and analysis of the data produced by the software of the HT Data range.