HT DataManager (O19025)

O19025 HT DataManager is a software created for managing, controlling e supervisioning the industrial production. The software is a solution suitable for all the companies who intend to switch to digital. An easy and intuitive answer for the daily managing problems. Designed to control the production, it is compatible with any of the pre-existing systems, higly customizable, easy to use and intuitive. It's based on barcodes and web interfaces to reduce errors and always have access from any device (PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet). Designed for you needs, is capable of:

  • Customer personal data managing.
  • Create and manage of single products.
  • Create, manage and print datasheets.
  • Create and manage lots.
  • Create, manage and print the provisions.
  • Supervision the production.
  • Remote control the machines equipped with VNC server.
  • Automatically collect data.
  • Connect to the company system (needs customization).

O19025 HT DataManager can work in cooperation with other HT systems like:

INTERFACEWeb, can be used by any device connected and with a browser.
DATABASEMySQL Community Edition
PERSONALIZZAZIONICustomer custom dashboard Compatible/Integrable with the pre-existing systems Integrable with the company managing system
REPORTGeneric data Production Data Machine status
GESTIONEArticles and lots data sheets
CONTROLLORemote control of the machines with VNC servers

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