HT Data Level0 (O17036)

O17036 HT Data Level0 is a software capable of connecting to a measuring instrument via serial port and transferring the value read on the display and / or on file.

O17036 HT Data Level0 was created with the aim of facilitating the work of management programmers, particularly accustomed to the use of databases, but often in difficulty with serial management.

When to use O17036 HT DataLevel0? In all those cases where we need to detect data from a machine and then have to manage it on a program.

How does it work? First of all it is necessary to equip the machine with an instrument equipped with a serial port (with Modbus RTU protocol) capable of measuring the desired size (you can choose from the instruments we have already tested by referring to the manual link. Hardware. Compatible measuring instruments ), after which the program O17036 HT DataLevel0 is installed on the connected PC and the game is done. You can view the data on video and / or request it through simple text files.

It runs on any operating system just install java8 in advance.