An important part of the Hive Technology business is occupied by software development. Our projects range from the management of man / machine interfaces to the supervision of production lines.

We have mastered the most used programming languages such as Java, VB, VB.NET, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery. Knowledge of databases, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server etc. is critical.

The choice of new technologies capable of integrating with the existing is our characteristic.

Supervision and control

A plant / process supervision and control system is a software / hardware IT structure which, through the automatic and real-time detection of the parameters that characterize the lines (times, loads, alarms, rejects, etc.), makes monitoring possible constant and allows automatic control.

Data and production

The production and quality control systems are part of the specific IT solutions for the centralized management of companies, which are useful for optimizing processes and enabling company governance on the basis of reliable and objective data. IT systems of this type are the direct substitutes for hand-collected data, spreadsheets and first-generation software capable of processing a small amount of data.


In a market characterized by reduced margins, excelling in the management and control of production costs is a real competitive lever. A cost management approach oriented towards continuous analysis and optimization is fundamental. Today's systems allow the management of large amounts of data with intuitive interfaces and within everyone's reach. The Internet and Cloud-based systems facilitate the use of management systems that become accessible wherever and on any device, keeping the reporting capabilities unchanged.